Aspects of Scandinavia

A selection of images taken during a 2 month trip in Scandinavia in May and June 2007. Starting in southern Sweden I travelled north through Finland, across the Arctic Circle and on in to Norway to the Arctic Ocean. Whilst it was almost summer in the south, as I travelled north I felt as though I as journeying back in time as I returned to cold winds, snow and frozen lakes. High in the mountains of Norway winter was still holding tight, even in early June. This was in spite of the 24 hours of daylight, as I was in the land of the midnight sun. As June progressed, and I retreated south once more (having run out of land) the full effect of the 24 hour sun was felt, and meadows bloomed with a riot of flowers, whilst birds and beasts made up for the long winter. The 24 hour days were fantastic, with many hours of good light as the sun moved slowly across the horizon during the ‘night’, a photographers dream, especially as with so many lakes around this light was reflected back giving fabulous sunsets which merged into sunrises before the sun had chance to sink away below the horizon.
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