Baja, Part1.

These are a small selection of photographs taken in February 2008 during a 2 week voyage aboard the ‘Spirit of Adventure’ along the Baja California coastline, from San Diego to the Sea of Cortez. The plan had been to see and photograph several species of whale and dolphin, but the reality was so much more. We had fantastic encounters with many different whales from the amazingly friendly grey whales of San Ignacio to the remarkable encounters with the planet's largest animal – the Blue Whale, plus huge schools of excited dolphins all wanting to ride the bow wave and leap the wake, but I had not expected all the other elements that made this such an amazing trip. Every day was packed with wildlife encounters from curious sea lions to rare humming birds, not to mention the astonishing Mobula rays springing out of the ocean. Trips ashore brought different delights as we wandered along dried up river beds, negotiated cacti and tried to avoid stepping on lizards as we looked for fossilised whales and turtles. The weather was hot and sunny, the sea calm (especially the Sea of Cortez) and the sunsets splendid. We woke to dolphins greeting us at first light and ended the day to the evocative sounds of whales blowing as they surfaced in the setting sun and the splash of their tales as they dived once more.
For anyone interested in cetaceans Baja is a not to be missed destination. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to go there I hope you enjoy the photos. For my fellow passengers on board the excellent ‘Spirit of Adventure’ I hope they bring back happy memories. I know I shall cherish those memories for many years to come.