Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award

Pat's photo of the Black Browed Albatross was awarded a Highly Commended in the 'Animals in their Environment' category of the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition at the recent awards ceremony in London. This was a great honour as there were over 18,000 entries from 55 different countries for the competition this year.
The image shows the Albatross flying over the Scotia Sea south of the Falkland Islands and was taken during the voyage to Antarctica in January 2006. The Awards Ceremony took place in the Natural History Museum, London, where the exhibition opened last week. Following the ceremony Pat also took part in 4 of the Nature Live programmes from the museum, with a live and web based audience who were able to ask questions and listen to Pat talking about her photography. The exhibiton remains at the museum until next April, and then tours throughout the world for another year. For more details on the exhibition see www.nhm.ac.uk and click on the wildlife photographer section, where you can also visit the online version of the exhibition. All the winning images are reproduced in the book that accompanies the exhibition: Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Portfolio 16, however Pat was delighted to find that her image had also been used as the title page - superb!

The Black Browed Albatross is one of several Albatross species that are endangered species. These magnificent birds are being killed by modern fishing practices which could mean the disappearance of the Albatross within our life time. For more information see www.savethealbatross.net/the_latest.asp Pat hopes that her photograph will be able to help raise awareness of the plight of these birds. At the very least everyone who visits the exhibition or reads the book will read her words and hopefully think about the future prospects of these magnificent birds.